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Baby health and development

mother and baby

Six week postnatal check-up

What can you expect at your six week postnatal check-up? Find out more about the checks you will receive post pregnancy to see if you are recovering well after giving birth.

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Cold weather tips for the winter

In the winter months when the temperature drops your baby needs to be kept warm, especially when outdoors. Here are some tips for keeping them warm in the cold weather.

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What is flat head syndrome (plagiocephaly or brachycephaly)?

This article looks at ‘flat head syndrome’ outlining symptoms, possible causes and treatment.

Mum holding baby


Bronchiolitis affects one in three babies under one year old so it’s best to know about it. Here we talk about the symptoms, treatment and what you need to know about bronchiolitis.

baby crying

What to do if your child has a temperature or a fever

A high temperature or fever in children can be caused by an infection. We discuss the signs and symptoms of fever, what causes it and when to seek medical advice.

Coping with colic symptoms in babies

Colic, or infant colic, is a common condition that affects one in five babies. Find out more about the symptoms and forms of treatment which can provide relief.


Tongue-tie (ankylosglossia) in babies

This article discusses tongue tie (ankyloglossia) and the impact it has on babies in breastfeeding. Find out more about tongue tie symptoms and treatment here.

Sling 1

Everything you need to know about slings and carriers

Strap yourselves in. Here’s the lowdown on baby slings and carriers

Sling 2

Which baby carrier or sling is best for me?

You’ve decided that using a sling or carrier is for you. But when it comes to design, where do you start? Here are the choices

baby being carried

What is baby reflux? Symptoms and support

Here we look at baby reflux symptoms with information about treatment, the difference between GOR and GORD, advice on baby vomiting and other aspects of infant reflux.

Toddler in sun hat

Sun safety for children

We look at how to keep your child safe, comfortable and protected over the summer

How to deal with toddler tantrums

There is so much to look forward to as babies grow into toddlers, but the start of tantrums is one development often dreaded by parents. Here we look at how to deal with tantrums.