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Work and childcare

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Flexible working: Your right to a request

What is flexible working and how do you request it? Find out more about flexible working hours, your rights, making an application in the UK and the potential benefits here.



This article provides information about registered childminders including how to find one, how much childminders typically charge, questions to ask a childminder and more.

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Childcare costs

The cost of childcare is a significant issue for many parents. Discover your options with a childcare cost calculator and information on how to get help with childcare costs.

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Shared Parental Leave

New parents have the right to Shared Parental Leave. What is this right and how do you apply for it?

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Finance tips for families

Here we share our top ten tips on family finance including ways to save money and make sure you're claiming all the right benefits and financial entitlements.

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Returning to work after maternity leave

Returning to work after maternity leave can be a big adjustment. Read about how to go back to work plus information on choosing childcare and your flexible working rights.

New year, same old resolutions?

The new year is often a time for resolutions and positive plans for the year ahead. Here we provide some suggestions for things to think about over the coming months.

Breastfeeding and returning to work

This article is about breastfeeding in the workplace, outlining your breastfeeding rights at work with information about obligations and requirements.

Paternity leave and pay

This article outlines your paternity rights regarding statutory paternity leave and pay with information on ordinary and additional paternity leave in the UK.

Parental leave entitlements

What is parental leave and how long is it for? Find out about your rights with our guide to parental leave entitlements for mums and dads in the UK.

Childcare vouchers

Information on Childcare Vouchers including how the Childcare Voucher Scheme works, figuring out whether you are eligible, how to apply in the UK and more.

Childcare options

This article outlines your options when it comes to choosing your preferred form of childcare and highlights a few things to consider when making your choice.