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Antenatal screening and testing

Pregnant women holding baby bump

Radiation and pregnancy

It is generally possible to avoid ionising radiation exposure during pregnancy (which can be harmful to your child). Find out more about radiation and pregnancy.

Babies with disabilities: Information and support

Finding out your baby may have a disability can be a shock. Learn more about sources of information and support for parents expecting babies with disabilities.

group strep B, pregnancy bump

Group B Streptococcus: What you need to know in pregnancy

It can be one of the most dangerous complications in pregnancy but mums to be often don’t know about it. Here’s the lowdown.

Resting pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia: Your questions answered

Find out what you need to know about this pregnancy condition.

Am I pregnant?

The very early signs of pregnancy are not always clear. Here we answer questions about the early symptoms and the use of pregnancy tests.

Pregnancy signs and symptoms

When you are pregnant, your body and the way you feel changes. Read about some of the early signs of pregnancy and common pregnancy symptoms which cause concern.

Antenatal screening and testing information

You will be offered various antenatal screening and diagnostic tests during pregnancy. Find out what they can reveal about your health and the health of your baby here.

Baby movement in the womb

Here we look at your baby's movement in the womb during pregnancy including what your baby's movements can tell you and when to seek help.

Deciding about antenatal screening and testing

Some antenatal tests and types of antenatal screening are optional. You can decide whether different types of pregnancy testing and screening are right for you.

Carbon monoxide testing in pregnancy

Exposure to carbon monoxide presents a risk to you and your baby and can be caused by smoking during pregnancy or other environmental factors.

Foetal screening in pregnancy

Foetal screening and diagnostic tests can detect pregnancy complications and foetal abnormalities. Find out which conditions you and your baby may be tested for.

Maternal screening tests in pregnancy

Antenatal screening tests can detect maternal infections and pregnancy complications. Read for information on glucose tolerance tests, pre-eclampsia checks and more.