Giving birth at home

Women in labour

Midwife-led units or birth centres: What happens if you have complications

You might feel birth centres will be great if you have a straightforward birth but nervous about what happens if not. Here’s what you should know about complications in these settings.

Home birth

Home birth: what kit do I need?

If you’re thinking of having your baby in your own home, you’ll want to get prepped in advance. Here’s a checklist of the essential equipment you’ll need…


Dealing with complications at a home birth

When it comes to home birth, the concerns over the risk of a medical emergency can put some people off. Here are the facts about home birth when complications arise.

How do I arrange a home birth?

How do I arrange and organise a home birth?

Like the idea of putting your own kettle on for a cuppa straight after you have your baby? Here’s how you can go about planning a home birth.

Home birth

Home birth: Who will look after me?

Will there be medical staff? Or will it just be you, the neighbour and some hot towels, like something out of EastEnders? We give you the full (honest) picture…


Home birth: How to handle it if your partner’s unsure

You want a home birth but your other half is wary. Here are some things that could help you to work it out…

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Home birth pain relief options

Midwives have a range of pain relief options available for home births. Read about your options, including using pethidine and entonox (gas and air) during labour here.


Home births: Are they safe?

Interested in a home birth but worried about the risk? We break down the pros and cons.


Home birth FAQs

Find out what exactly goes on when you have a baby at home, and whether giving birth at home could be for you. Here’s your guide to a different sort of birth experience…


Siblings at a home birth - caring for older children

Preparing older siblings for a home birth and considering the practicalities is important. This article covers the care of other children at a home birth