Giving birth at a midwife led centre


Your hospital bag checklist: What to pack if you’re having your baby at a midwife-led unit or birth centre

Getting prepped with what you’ll need can make you feel much more ready to have your baby. Here’s a comprehensive guide…

Giving birth

Birth centres and midwife-led units: Tips for birth partners

It goes without saying that your birthing partner will have a pretty key role. If you’re planning to give birth at a midwife-led unit or birthing centre, here are some tips.

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Midwife-led unit or birthing centre: 10 things that happen after your baby is born

It’s pretty likely you’ve been so fixated on having your baby that you haven’t stopped to think about the part that happens afterwards. Here’s an overview...


What is a midwife?

If you are wondering 'what is a midwife?', read this article to find out more about midwifery and the role of midwives in providing antenatal care.

Birth Centre

Giving birth at a birth centre or midwife-led unit

Having your baby at a birth centre or a midwife-led unit can be a good option. We discuss the pros and cons and the flexibility you have in choosing your birth environment.