Your body after birth

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Feeling good after birth

Giving birth is a huge event and it can affect you in lots of different ways. We share some simple tips to help give you a boost if you need it.


Fertility and contraception after birth

Whether you’re feeling ready again or can’t think of anything less appealing than having sex right now, it’s good to know your contraceptive options. Here are the facts about contraception after giving birth.


Explaining bleeding after giving birth (lochia)

After you’ve given birth, you will continue to lose some blood, which usually lasts for two-to-six weeks. This article discusses why and what factors might affect your blood loss.

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Bleeding after birth: concerns

Blood loss after giving birth is normal. For some women, the blood loss may be heavier, smelly or they may pass clots. Read about heavy bleeding after birth and more.

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Your post-pregnancy body questions answered

It’s you… but different. Here’s how to get your head around the physical changes that pregnancy brings.

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Maternity care medical records: Getting access

Find out how you can get access to your medical records and maternity notes, covering the care you received during pregnancy, birth and postnatally and how much it will cost.

Bleeding after birth

Bleeding after birth: 10 things you need to know

It may be one of the few things you haven’t discussed with friends about what happens after the birth. Here’s an honest, clear account of what you can expect with bleeding after birth.

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Six week postnatal check-up

What can you expect at your six week postnatal check-up? Find out more about the checks you will receive post pregnancy to see if you are recovering well after giving birth.

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Postnatal fitness: when can you start exercise after birth?

Learn about postnatal exercise including when you can start exercise after pregnancy with examples of safe, low impact ways of maintaining fitness after giving birth.

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Incontinence in pregnancy and after childbirth

We discuss urinary incontinence in women including causes of incontinence and treatment for stress incontinence.