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Communication with babies and toddlers

Coping with a crying baby

Coping with a crying baby can be a challenge. Here are tips on how to stop a baby from crying. Discover techniques you can use to soothe, calm and comfort your child.

Mum baby playing

Your toddler’s first words: Helping them along

Are you ready to notice just how often you say ‘erm’? Here’s how to help when your quiet baby becomes a chattering toddler.

Smiling baby

Seven ways to help your baby start talking

Your baby may not be planning to tell you about their day over a cup of tea. But they will communicate a lot before speaking their first words. Here we talk about their body language, sounds and talking.

Mum toddler hand sign

Talking about baby babble: 0 – 6 months

You might be worrying about what’s normal, ok or a sign that your 0 to 6 month old will study English at Oxford sometime soon. This guide talks about what to expect, how to encourage your baby’s babble and when to chat to someone else.

Helping your toddler to talk

How to help your toddler talk

Good news, you are about to enter an extremely fun phase of parenting. Here’s how to help your child when they’re ready to get chatty.


Reading to your child: What’s the fuss about?

Grab a cosy blanket, a strong tea and your favourite snack because you’re about to get an excuse for a long sit-down. Here’s why reading to your child could be the best thing you do this week.

Learning words: babies from 6 to 12 months

Here we look at babbling, gesturing and baby language development from 6 to 12 months. At this stage, babies are developing quickly and will gesture and recognise key words.

How to deal with toddler tantrums

There is so much to look forward to as babies grow into toddlers, but the start of tantrums is one development often dreaded by parents. Here we look at how to deal with tantrums.

Baby talk: speech development from 12 to 18 months

A baby’s first words are usually heard between 12 and 18 months. You can encourage speech development with baby talk and by recognising child language development stages.

How can you encourage a child’s language development ?

Here we look at communication and language development in children. We discuss how you can encourage progress with your baby and eventually help a toddler learn to talk.

Importance of outdoor play activities for kids

Discover the importance and benefits of outdoor play for kids. Being outdoors can be an exciting sensory experience in the early years; here we discuss some fun activities.

Top tips for parents with two children under two

Here we provide our top ten tips on managing life with two children under two.