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First trimester

Saliva and ptyalism - hypersalivation in pregnancy

Ptyalism is a condition which causes excess saliva. It is also known as hypersalivation or sialorrhea and frequently affects women in the early stages of pregnancy

pregnancy, drinking, alcohol in pregnancy

Alcohol - drinking in pregnancy

Is it safe to drink alcohol in pregnancy? We discuss government guidelines and the risks of drinking while pregnant.

HELLP syndrome

It may not be a well-known condition but it’s good to be informed about HELLP syndrome when you’re pregnant. Here we describe what it is, its symptoms and why it matters when you’re pregnant.


Gestational diabetes: Treatment

Gestational diabetes is usually temporary and can be treated. From lifestyle changes and monitoring to medication, we look at ways you can help control your blood sugar levels during pregnancy.

Pregnancy bump

Infections during pregnancy

You may be more susceptible to urine infection in pregnancy, as well as other issues including kidney problems, sexually transmitted infections and colds and flu.


Vitamins and supplements in pregnancy

During pregnancy, vitamins and supplements can have a positive impact on you and your baby. Read about the best vitamins to take when you are pregnant.

Drinking water

How to prevent constipation in pregnancy

Here we talk about things you can try out to help prevent yourself getting constipation while you’re pregnant. We discuss how you can make small changes to your lifestyle to help avoid constipation in pregnancy. These changes might also help relieve symptoms if you already have constipation.

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Constipation in pregnancy, haemorrhoids and anal fissures

Here we discuss the symptoms of constipation and how to prevent it. We also talk about the conditions that constipation may lead to: haemorrhoids (piles) and anal fissures. 


Nosebleeds during pregnancy

It may seem like one of the odder quirks of pregnancy but there’s reason behind that bleeding nose. Here’s what’s going on…


What is a midwife?

If you are wondering 'what is a midwife?', read this article to find out more about midwifery and the role of midwives in providing antenatal care.

pregnancy exercise

Pregnancy workouts: Safety

If you’re feeling clueless about the rules of staying active when you’re expecting, read on to have your questions answered.

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Good exercises and sports in pregnancy

Find out about exercise during pregnancy including which sports to avoid, low-impact pregnancy exercises, pelvic floor exercise and safety.